[GUIDE] Reporting a Player

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[GUIDE] Reporting a Player

Post by BAPE* on Sun Jan 31, 2016 11:45 am

This is a guide on how to report a player properly. This also includes the necessary format which is required when reporting a player. If you report a player without the format the report will be denied or deleted until you post the proper format. Only report players if you have thorough evidence of them breaking the server rules. Only proper evidence allowed are: Gyazo, YouTube, and Imgur. Official server rules found here.

Your Steam ID:

Player you are reporting's Steam ID:

Aproximate date/time of incident:

Rule Number(s) broken:

What Happened?:

Evidence of rule breakage:

Reporting a Scam
When reporting a scam, please make sure you have valid evidence of all communication prior to the scam, as well has what was scammed. Please be intelligent and make smart decisions when trading or buying items, and don't do anything fishy. Please provide VIDEO evidence when reporting the scammed items. You must have extremely accurate proof of scams, and it is not always guaranteed your items back unless you have the correct proof. Be careful when trading and make sure to capture sufficient evidence when doing so!

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